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  • Lucas You don t mean too He couldn t finish his sentence as realization dawned on him over Lucas intentions. Fred relaxed a little at Lucas reassurance and sat in a nearby chair, wiping his sweaty brow with the back of his hand, I can t help but be nervous Lucas.
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  • The sooner she s out of his way the better.

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  • Every step is thought of up here before it is placed down there. His features started to change him into the creature that he was.
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    Yes, he may resemble one, but he was only half human, if that.

    The pack happened to be six muscle bound bodyguards all similar to Jason s build and height in which Jason commanded.

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    She stuck the pin in and picked up another one from the basket.

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    Something cold and hard, something that could be lost in a split second, something that ultimately didn t matter?
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